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Connect Education Trust

About Us

Welcome to Chesterfield Primary School

We are proud to be part of the Connect Education Trust, where everyone strives to ensure all our children achieve more than they ever believed possible. 

At Chesterfield we pride ourselves on the excellent skills of our staff, who provide high quality teaching and learning experiences, are forward thinking in their practice and always go the extra mile to ensure our children succeed.

Our Vision: The Chesterfield journey will enable children to have lives that are full of choices and opportunities. We aim to overcome barriers to success and by having communication as a key driver, we ensure that our children learn unrivalled communication skills and have rich experiences of the wider world.  Reading is at the heart of everything we do, as we believe expert readers will be able to open the doors to future knowledge and in turn unlock potential opportunities. Through our curriculum and extra-curricular activities, we hope to inspire our children to follow role models and have high aspirations for themselves. We build in a range of opportunities for our pupils to taste aspiration, to be inspired and to develop an understanding of who they are, who they might be, and exactly what the world has to offer.

Our diverse community, and the richness that this brings, is important to us and together we show the children what the future could hold. We want our children to know that they have a voice; can embrace change and challenges; and understand that they have the ability to be whatever they want to be. We know that the path may be bumpy but failure is only a stepping stone, that they will have to tackle with courage and confidence. 

Their future destination is in their hands but with our Chesterfield tools, we hope they will forge their own path to success.  

Values: As a community we work together to uphold our values. The Chesterfield values are regularly shared and discussed with the whole school and through them, we aim to promote self-discipline and positive self-esteem.  Our values are:

                                     Resilience, Respect and Responsibility 

Chesterfield Primary School became part of the Connect Education Trust, in September 2016. The Trust includes other schools in Enfield: Bowes Primary, Bowes Southgate Green, Delta Primary, Hazelbury Primary, Fern House, Grange Park and Carterhatch Junior.

 The Headteacher, Sarah Robers is proud to lead Chesterfield Primary School.

Please phone us on 01992760678 if you would like to arrange a visit to our school. We encourage prospective parents to visit the school, as well as teaching practitioners and leaders that are interested in finding out about the way we work.

Sarah Roberts