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Enfield Learning Trust

Attendance and Punctuality

At Chesterfield Primary School, we take attendance and punctuality very seriously as we want to give all our children the best possible start in life. There is a direct link between the amount of time children spend in school and the progress they make. 

Parents must inform the school of any absence giving the reason why.

Impact of punctuality

We would like children to adopt good habits of attending and punctually. It is disruptive to your child and to the rest of the class when children arrive late. Latecomers may miss important information and teaching and children are often upset about going into classes and assemblies when they are late as they feel embarrassed.

5 minutes late every day

3 days of learning lost

10 minutes late every day

6 days of learning lost

15 minutes late every day

10 days of learning lost

30 minutes late every day

19 days of learning lost

However, we would rather your child comes late than not at all!