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Chesterfield Parliament


We are very proud to have our very own School Parliament. Through our Parliament, we hear the views of all pupils through a democratic process.

MPs (Members of Parliament)

Chesterfield is proud to have their own school parliament. This is an opportunity to hear the views of children through a democratic process.

Each class from Year 3 to 6 selects a Member of Parliament (MP). The MPs are responsible for collecting the views and issues raised by children, which they share half termly with the Deputy Headteacher. Children are given opportunities to take minutes and chair meetings.

A special 'Polling Day' takes place to vote for the Cabinet Members - applicants have to make a persuasive speech to their year team in the school hall, then the children individually complete voting papers and post them into a Ballot Box.   

The MSPs and Cabinet Members are extremely proud to be selected. They feel they speak for the children, and are excellent role models for the school. They have to be reliable and demonstrate the Chesterfield Values.

Year 6 Head Students

The Head Students are the role models of our school and support the school Parliament in their duties. They are responsible for supporting the leadership of the school. We believe that our Year 6 children have important roles to play in the daily life of Chesterfield and are expected to take their roles seriously. This is a good opportunity for a child to lead by example and it is a prestigious role in our school. 

Head Students have been through an application and interview process with the Headteacher and Deputies.