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Enfield Learning Trust

Learning Quest Themes

Please find below a list of all the class Learning Quests for this half term (Spring 1).

More information about each Quest can be downloaded below. 

Nursery AM/PM People who Help us
Starling Class Everyday heros
Kingfisher Class Superheros in Training
Robin Class Not all heros Wear Capes        
Lilac Class Out of the Wold
Lavender Class Space Invaders
Violet Class Violet's  Space Quest
Coriander Class From London to Nairobi
Fennel Class Let's go travelling
Oregano Class Travelling around
Sage Class Where shall we travel to next?
Blueberry Class Robots Rock!
Cranberry Class Short Circuit
Mulberry Class Rocking Robots
Birch Class Boom!!!
Hazel Class Magma Mania
Rowan Class Master of Disaster
Spruce Class Krakatoe Mellitus
Jupiter Class Mayan Masterpiece
Mercury Class Mayan Mania
Saturn Class Magnificent Mayans
Amazon Class Glorious Greeks!
Mississippi Class Amazing Athenians
Nile Class Alpha to Omega!
Thames Class Ancient Greeks
Zambezi Class Groovy Greek Geeks!
Yellow Phoenix Class Terrific Transport
Green Phoenix Class Terrific Transport