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Enfield Learning Trust


Science at Chesterfield Primary School is taught and explored in an exciting and fun way and has led to our school achieving the ‘Primary Science Quality Mark’ at gold level. 

We aim to develop and broaden the children’s scientific view of the world around them through the processes and strategies of investigation and discovery. An emphasis is placed on ‘Working scientifically’ through inspirational and engaging activities.

Spoken language and collaborative learning is highly valued throughout science lessons, as this not only encourages children to explore scientific vocabulary but also share and develop their ideas with others.  They are encouraged to hypothesise, experiment to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, analyse causes and draw conclusions.

Pupils are taught essential aspects of scientific knowledge and understanding, processes and methods of science, enabling them to understand the implications of science today and for the future. To support this, we also provide children with hands-on experiences through educational visits to the Science Museum, Paradise Wildlife Park, Woburn Safaria Park, local Parkland and more.   

Children are encouraged to investigate and explore beyond their classroom environment.  We are fortunate to have our own wildlife and growing areas, where children can study plant and animal life at first hand. 

As children follow their curiosity, they make careful observations, sometimes taking measurements, looking for patterns in what they see, inventing explanations and ideas to be tested.  Children are taught the following skills in science lessons: observing, classifying, predicting, measuring and testing, investigating, communicating using scientific vocabulary, recording using drawings, table and charts and working safely.